Bond Platform – Fixed Income Investment

Exclusive Investment Bond (EIB)

A type of fixed income investment is an Exclusive Investment Bond, which allows the investor to enjoy significant investment freedom by spreading and varying investments across a wide range of funds and/or different assets.

Investments can be made subject to the policyholder’s wishes, financial goals and attitude to risk with a fixed income.

Aims to provide a flexible method of investing the Investor’s money with the potential for growth over medium to long term.

Designed to allow the Investor’s capital to grow and to offer the option for the Investor to take regular withdrawals.

A mixture of fixed income security bonds with options to include property redevelopment bonds, Structured Notes, Stock Market Indices Bonds plus many more with a variety of maturing terms, make for a responsible portfolio construction.

Life Assured

Structured as a life assurance policy it may offer the policyholder the opportunity to take advantage of several tax planning benefits, including arrangements that can help to reduce any tax liability on the death of the life assured.

A life insurance policy has one or more “lives assured”, which means it will come to an end only when the final insured person, whose life is covered by the policy dies.

The policyholder has a choice of having one or more lives assured, to ensure the continuity of the bond in the event of premature death.

When more than one life is assured the bond is active past the original bond holders lifetime.

Where there is more than one life assured, the Fixed Income Investment bond will end when the last person whose life is assured dies or when the investments within the bond mature and are not renewed.

The Company will pay a death benefit of 101% of the encashment value after notification of the death of the last life assured.

This type of fixed Income investment has many benefits, flexibility and tax effectiveness are just a couple.

Invest Bitcoins

Do you invest Bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrency??

There is an EIB for you as well, which allows you to benefit with strategic taxation advantages from the profits of your Cryptocurrencies. You can also buy into selected EIB’s with your Bitcoin investment.

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