Unlock Your Funds – Investment Case History

Unlock Your Funds – Case History – Client A

In this Unlock Your Funds – Case Study – Client A was very uncertain regarding his policy terms and was unhappy with both the lack of contact from his previous IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) and the performance of his investment to date. He was unsure about how to unlock funds.

After many years he had paid more into the plan that its current value.

He has maintained the premiums throughout but he wanted to unlock funds.

The details were as follows:
a. Contract Term 22 years
b. Term to maturity 9 years
c. Value $ 129,000
d. Max Partial Surrender $ 85,000
e. Premiums paid to date $ 146,000.

The client appointed us to provide feedback regarding their existing savings plan with a major life company.

Firstly, we assessed his current fund selection that had not been changed for several years.

We advised him to take the maximum penalty free partial surrender value of $85,000 to unlock these funds and transfer the whole amount in to a range of 5 investments that provided him with either fixed income or predictable returns of between 7-12% per annum.

The terms ranged between 1 and 5 years.

• The projected value of his new fund in 9 years = $171,000.
• The projected value of his life company retained funds in 9 years is $68,000.
• Total projected value of both the new and existing fund in 9 years = $239,000

We then arranged to switch the funds retained in the savings plan to a bespoke risk rated portfolio utilizing the life company’s fund range. We agreed to report to the client on a quarterly basis through to the plan’s maturity.

There were no charges at all to unlock these funds.

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