Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are insurance linked investment products?

These are savings plans or single investment accounts provided by insurance companies such as Hansard, Zurich International, Friends Provident, AXA, RL360,  Standard Life, Generali International, Royal Skandia/Old Mutual International. They are technically insurance contracts that ‘wrap’ your investment funds inside.

2. How do I know what type of plan I have?

Any statements, valuations or correspondence will have the name of the insurer plus the name of the product. Our team have over 40 years’ experience with the offshore insurance investment plans so please feel to contact us and tell us the name of the plan and provider and we can tell you what type of plan you hold.

3. Do you only give me access to technology or will you also provide advice?

The Invest Global team includes experienced advisers and will, upon request, provide you with investment advice on your plans – our technology helps guide you with your investment choices to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

4. Can I transfer my other financial products to you?

With a huge number of investment products available – we suggest you contact us with the details of the investment or product and we can determine if we can provide service and guidance.

5. Why is your service free of charge to me? How do you make money?

Invest Global has negotiated a fee with the insurance linked investment product provider to provide this service. Your contract will remain the same and no additional fees will be charged to you unless you request additional services.

6. Does it cost me anything to transfer or does transferring penalize me in any way?

There is no cost to transfer your plan as you are simply moving your plan under the Invest Global platform. This allows us to provide updates on your funds via client portal, mobile app and email. Your plan will remain active and in force and therefore NO costs or penalties – you are simply changing your service adviser.

7. Will Invest Global sell me other financial products?

No! We work on a proactive service model – we will keep you up to date with your existing plans and latest market news. Outside of our core service, we also offer services on request, which may involve a client needs analysis to ensure the best and most appropriate advice is delivered.

8. Will you help me get money out of my plan?

Yes – we will help complete the forms and advise on what supporting documentation is required.

9. Will you help me restart my plan?

Yes – we will help complete the forms and advise on what supporting documentation is required.

10. Will you help me change my investment portfolios?

Yes – we will help complete the forms and advise on what supporting documentation is required

11. What happens if I move? Will there be on-going service?

With modern web based technology you will receive updates and advice from Invest Global wherever you are in the world.

12. Can I manage my investment portfolios myself but still have the service?

Yes – if you wish you can just receive updates. An adviser will be available should you wish to make contact.

13. What is the difference between your core services and services on request?

Our core business is providing advice and service on your existing insurance-linked saving and investment plans. We realize however that financial decisions are all linked and related to one another. In order to save you the hassle of having to deal with multiple companies and people, we are also licensed to provide a variety of other financial services when and if you request them from us.