Low Risk funds, can I get Double Digit Returns on my investments?

High Risk Investments Not Necessary!

Most investors believe that they have to take high risk in order to get a high return. But that is really not necessary. We are currently  offering our clients a range of investments that provide high fixed returns with capital protection.

Depending on the level of investment we normally recommend a basket of Fixed Income Bonds that offer very attractive returns between 7-12% per annum over periods of 1-5 years that are uncorrelated with the equity markets.  When each bond matures we rollover the sum involved in to another bond creating a compound effect over given periods.

We call this a Bond Ladder

Each of the bonds has a fact sheet attached that provides full details of the individual bond and all of the parties involved. We undertake strict due diligence prior to offering any individual investment to our clients and often meet the principals, lawyers and trustees of the funds in question.

How about Liquidity ?

Many fixed income bonds are “illiquid” meaning that the funds have to remain for the term of the bond. However, we often recommend bonds that are available on the secondary market meaning that the individual can sell early if they need to. We even have bonds that are quoted on the global stock markets which provides immediate liquidity as they are daily traded. We are currently recommending a fully liquid fund that provides  a fixed return of 12% p.a. for 5 years.

This is quoted on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The fact is, it is not necessary to invest in high risk equity funds in order to achieve double-digit returns.

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