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Project Skyhub: Global Digital Media & Content Utility

This is a limited subscription opportunity prior to the proposed IPO at the end of Q2 2019.  See below for this unique investment offering that gives you the following key elements:

  • Minimum £10,000 investment
  • 8pence per share (Launch price set at £1.55 ($2) – Mini NASDAQ price)
  • Plus an option of 2 shares for 1 purchased @ 20p per share

Sector:                                Technology/Media/Telecommunications Services

Investment Size:               £30,000,000

Ticket Size:                        £10,000

Key Terms:                         Investors have an opportunity to invest up to £20 million at 8p per share and an additional £10 million at 12p per share. As an incentive to investors, all subscribers to the first £10 million raised will receive 2 options for every £1 they invest at a strike price of 20p exercisable up to 31st December 2020. An additional £10,000,000 will be raised at £0.12 per share.

Use of Funds:                    Proceeds will be used for a corporate restructure from Australia to the UK to enable the company to conduct its global strategy; on boarding content providers, telecom partners, and board members; finance a pre-IPO valuation in Q1 2019 in preparation for a largely preplaced IPO in mid 2019; platform & app development; and corporate overheads.

Product and IP Overview

This deal is an opportunity to invest in the world’s first global digital media and content utility, Skyhub Digital, where owners of media content (music, film, TV, books, sport) will collectively trade direct to customers via telecoms for the first time ever. Skyhub will offer a unique proposition to directly connect consumers worldwide with the content they want, when they want it, on any device. Content owners will have access to over 1 billion telecom customers ‘free of charge’. The company generated revenue with its initial beta version and has since partnered with Tata Communications to provide global, scalable technology that will be ready to launch in mid 2019 subject to successful fundraising. Tata is one of the world’s largest wholesale internet providers, hosting 25% of all global internet traffic and a voice carrier service used by 1,600 telecoms globally. The company’s future strategy includes additional channels to market beyond stage 1 telecoms, including airlines and broadcasters

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The Revenue Model


Skyhub Digital offers a global digital platform infrastructure to the media and entertainment industry. A powerful partnership with Tata Communications provides introductions to 1,600 telecoms around the world. Phase 1 rollout targets 45 telecoms in 24 countries with 1.3 billion addressable customers. Phase 2 envisions rolling out to the top 2 airlines in each country.

Market Overview

1.3 billion addressable customers across 45 telecoms in 24 countries by December 2022. Potentially profitable from 2020. Gross cumulative revenue after 4 years is USD $1 billion. See snapshot below. Please refer to Earnings Potential document on investor website for full financials.


The traditional model of licencing content to digital retailers has served the media and entertainment industry well and will continue to do so, however, content owners unanimously want to trade direct. Consumers are frustrated with a fragmented and limited choice of content forcing them to turn to piracy and telecoms need to transition from a phone company to a modern media & technology company. Skyhub has a commercial model that provides a solution where content companies collectively trade direct to consumers via telecoms placing them ‘back in the driver’s seat’ in the distribution of content. As a global utility provider, Skyhub provides the infrastructure to act as a clearing house between content producers and distribution outlets, providing a “one-stop-shop” for consumers – all content, anywhere, any time on any device.


Highly experienced management team all with industry expertise including:

CEO and Founder             Steve Millard – Former Head EPIC Records Australia, Former Snr Director

Director (BGIL/SDMG)     Marketing, Sony Music Australia

President for USA            Jim Caparro – Former Chairman and CEO Warner Electra Atlantic USA,

Director (SDMG)               Founder of Island/Def Jam Division Universal Music Group USA

Director (BGIL)                  Christopher Moss – Former MD Warner Music Australia

Director (BGIL)                  Ryan Dudley – Global tax accountant NY


International Advisory Board:

Bob Jamieson – Former Global Chairman RCA, Former Snr Director Marketing

Richard Rowe – Former Global President Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Ira Kurgan – Former Chief of Network Business Operations, Fox Broadcasting Co / Former Chief

Business Officer of the Yahoo Media Group

Brian Morris – Tata Communications VP & GM Global Media and Entertainment

To Be Announced: Major executive from a global publishing house


Financials & Exit

  • How funds will be used

Proceeds will be used to restructure the company from Australia to the UK; on-boarding content providers, telecom partners, and board members; listing preparation for a largely preplaced IPO in mid 2019; platform & app development; blockchain development; and corporate overheads.

  • Equity / debt preference: equity
  • Current cap table: pre-money valuation of £58,000,000 based on fully diluted position of current equity on issue in BGIL and SDMG

See pages 55-61 in Earnings Potential Document below for full shareholder structure

  • Exit plan

The company is planning to launch a largely pre-placed IPO on the NYSE market exchange in mid 2019 at $2 a share (£1.55) subject to successful capital raising and the valuation target being achieved. The purpose of the IPO is to allow industry stakeholders to take a 4% minority position in the company. Media companies are required by their bylaws to invest minority stakes in listed companies only, hence the necessity of an IPO. Prior to this listing, Deloitte NY USA will independently value the company for industry stakeholders, who have indicated that they will support such an IPO. Management intent is to liquidate existing shares over issuing new company securities. There is an existing shareholder opportunity to liquidate their shares to accommodate these M & A transactions.