Problems with long term savings plans – Life Assurance plans

Many investors in long term savings plans issued by Life Assurance companies are unaware
of the terms and conditions of the contracts they have committed to invest in for many years.

In many cases the relationship with the original IFA who effected the contract has ceased
and there is no reliable source for ongoing advice.

The Life Assurance companies are not able to advise and will only provide information when

The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that the life companies have a limited range
of investments from which to select.

These contracts often carry expensive mirror fund charges and particularly onerous terms
and conditions that include heavy surrender penalties.

Some contracts impose very expensive charges for those clients who decide to discontinue

The full value of the individual’s investment cannot be fully received unless all premiums are
paid through to maturity when the bonuses that have accrued will be paid.

Investors are left in a void not knowing how to maximize the returns on an investment that
they have effected in good faith.

Many investors lack faith that the savings contracts will deliver the results they were
anticipating at outset.

Alternative Investments & Strategies

a) Investors are unaware that it is possible to transfer, without charges, a percentage of the
funds they have built up in long term savings plans, to other more productive investments.
b) This can be achieved this without affecting the benefits accrued and protecting future
c) These alternative investments include a range of funds that are not available within the
existing long term savings plans.
d) Our current preferred funds provide fixed income and/or highly predictable returns of
between 7-12% per annum with varying levels of liquidity.
e) None of our current range of funds have any initial charges and therefore this is a highly cost
efficient exercise.

We specialize in helping people in this predicament

1. We will review the individuals contract and offer a free appraisal of the contract in question.
2. On the basis that the contract holder appoints us as their agent in respect of an individual
contract we will provide specific investment advice on the life companies existing fund range.
3. We will provide specific information on withdrawing penalty free funds that can be applied to
alternative investments or other wealth creation strategies.
4. We undertake appropriate due diligence to ensure all of our suggested funds meet an
exacting criteria.
5. We tend to recommend funds that offer capital protection that are uncorrelated with the
global equity markets.

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