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Invest Global’s property platform will over time provide many different international property investment solutions.

Invest Global’s property platform is currently in the process of introducing this exciting, new and comprehensive global citizen and property purchase investment opportunity.

Dual citizenship offers an effective tool for international tax planning and provides financial privacy for banking and investment. Dual citizenship improves personal security, enables freedom of global movement and allows access to the best healthcare and education opportunities. All available to qualified applicants via this property platform.

In what countries?

Cyprus has a modern, free-market, service based economy, a favored business destination due to its strong business and taxation advantages. The island is safe and stable making it an ideal location for families and students. This island has seen a surge in foreign investment and development. Cyprus is an emerging regional energy hub since the discovery of huge hydrocarbon reserves. It also provides world-class property rights, investment, trade, labour, business and financial freedom.

Qualified applicants can gain citizenship in the Caribbean in only 90 days with little or no residency requirements and visa-free travel to over 130 countries, sophisticated private banking and financial services plus lifestyle benefits. In essence investors have the option to apply for citizenship and thus gain a fully recognised second passport via a luxury property investment, government donation or through other business investment.

The Residency Permit Laws in Greece enable a non-EU citizen the ability to gain permanent residency along with their family members, when they purchase a property at a minimum value of €250,000 or more. To clarify a family, under Greek Law. A family consists of husband and wife, children up to the age of 21 and the parents of both the applicant and/or their husband or wife. All could gain residency for the cost of a single property property investment.

Initially you will receive a five year Residence Permit in Greece and the Schengen Area countries. The Schengen area consists of twenty two European Union Member countries and four European Trade Association member states.

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